2013-09-16 grahamAdded reporting of step in manual stepping master origin/master
2013-08-26 user1Tidy up
2013-08-26 user1Experimenting further with interrupt timing
2013-08-26 user1Added runtime switch for SYNCHRONOUSTORQUE
2013-08-26 user1Fixed ISR timing
2013-08-26 user1Tidy up
2013-08-26 user1Removed unused code
2013-08-26 user1Altered interrupt sequencing
2013-08-26 user1Added compiler switch to disable sensor ISR
2013-08-26 user1Rewritten sensor and phase code
2013-08-26 user1Fixed up DEBUG compiler switch
2013-08-26 user1Removed dead code
2013-08-26 user1Fixed up initial state again to make motor run.
2013-08-26 user1Fixed up global mode state code
2013-08-26 user1Set up PWM state machine better
2013-08-26 user1Optimised phase map code to be symmetric and lean on CPU
2013-08-26 user1Added third PWM state of PWMSTOPPED which is set by...
2013-08-26 user1Tidy
2013-08-26 user1Remove dead code
2013-08-26 user1Refactored statistics and millisecond timer code
2013-08-26 user1Moved ADCControl code to it's own module
2013-08-26 user1Moved mark/space tick statistics to verbose level 2
2013-08-26 user1Change to increment PWMCycleCount in space transition.
2013-08-26 user1Added runtime trace mode
2013-08-26 user1Fixed sensor space reset
2013-08-26 user1Removed dead code
2013-08-26 grahamFixed PWM position indexing and state change
2013-08-26 grahamRefactor
2013-08-24 user1Build bug corrected
2013-08-24 user1Refactor
2013-08-24 user1Added runtime switching between 6 and 12 step sequences
2013-08-24 user1Added runtime manual stepping mode
2013-08-24 user1Added runtime switch for stepper mode
2013-08-24 user1Tidy up
2013-08-24 user1Added runtime mode change code
2013-08-23 user1Experimenting with sensor algorithm
2013-08-23 user1refactor
2013-08-23 user1Fixed verbose code to optimise better
2013-08-23 user1Removed more unused code
2013-08-23 user1refactor
2013-08-23 user1Removed unnecessary code
2013-08-23 user1Fixed lock up in 0 verbose mode
2013-08-23 user1Set PWMTICKPERIOD to 20uS
2013-08-23 user1Added rounding for MILLISECONDTICKCOUNT
2013-08-23 user1Permanently adding SENSORREADISR code
2013-08-23 user1Removed global DISABLELOOPIMERS compiler switch
2013-08-23 user1Removed LOOPTIMEDPWMS code
2013-08-23 user1Refactor
2013-08-23 user1Permanently added SAMPLEDTIMER code
2013-08-23 user1Made SYNCHRONOUSTIMERS permanent.
2013-08-23 user1PWMTICKPERIOD experimenting
2013-08-23 user1Fixed code error
2013-08-23 user1Removed ADCSMOOTHING (experimenting)
2013-08-23 user1Added SYNCHRONOUSTIMERS
2013-08-23 user1Added global constant for PWM tick period.
2013-08-23 user1Removed dead code
2013-08-10 user1Testing new SAMPLEDTIMER with ADCSMOOTHING
2013-08-10 user1Fixed PWM statistics output
2013-08-10 user1Experimenting code
2013-08-10 user1Renamed compiler switch
2013-08-10 user1Whitespace and comments
2013-08-10 user1Experimental code
2013-08-10 user1Fixed code problem
2013-08-10 user1Added experimental digital timers for PWMs
2013-08-10 user1Fixed build problem in ADCSMOOTHING
2013-08-10 user1Moved statistics code
2013-08-10 user1Moved ADC ISR code
2013-08-10 user1whitespace
2013-08-10 user1Added compiler switch to disable ISR sensor reading
2013-08-10 user1Whitespace
2013-08-10 user1Removed disabled legacy phase map code
2013-08-10 user1Removed disabled sensor ISR
2013-08-08 user1Fixes for position reading
2013-08-08 user1Adding null sensor value to initialise motion
2013-08-08 user1Refactor
2013-08-08 user1Fixed some sequence issues which effect efficiency
2013-08-08 user1Refactor
2013-08-08 user1Experimenting
2013-08-08 user1Code tidy up
2013-08-08 user1Improved statistics output
2013-08-08 user1Added manual stepping
2013-08-08 user1Removed dead/unused code
2013-08-03 user1Set appropriate initial phase angle
2013-08-03 user1Fixed shaft RPM output for 12 step
2013-08-03 user1Removed ADCSHIFT
2013-08-03 user1comment
2013-08-03 user1Addded code to remove statistics display and sensor...
2013-08-03 user1Fixed miscalculated millisecond timer
2013-08-03 user1Refactor
2013-08-03 user1Added timer trace as an alternative to sensor event...
2013-08-03 user1Added phase angle in statistics output
2013-08-03 user1Tuned phase sequence for 12 step position sense
2013-08-02 GrahamRefactor. Removed dead code. Added missing code. Fixed...
2013-08-02 GrahamMoved Mark/Space adjustments to ADC read ISR
2013-08-02 GrahamRe-added broken ADC read debugging (untested)
2013-08-01 user1Fixing up compiling issues
2013-08-01 user1Modified stepper to use sensors to set phase angle...
2013-08-01 user1Rewritten sensors ISR
2013-08-01 user1Refactor
2013-08-01 user1Experimenting with compiler switches