descriptionBacid Arduino BLDC Controller
last changeMon, 16 Sep 2013 17:36:44 +0000 (18:36 +0100)
2013-09-16 grahamAdded reporting of step in manual stepping master origin/master
2013-08-26 user1Tidy up
2013-08-26 user1Experimenting further with interrupt timing
2013-08-26 user1Added runtime switch for SYNCHRONOUSTORQUE
2013-08-26 user1Fixed ISR timing
2013-08-26 user1Tidy up
2013-08-26 user1Removed unused code
2013-08-26 user1Altered interrupt sequencing
2013-08-26 user1Added compiler switch to disable sensor ISR
2013-08-26 user1Rewritten sensor and phase code
2013-08-26 user1Fixed up DEBUG compiler switch
2013-08-26 user1Removed dead code
2013-08-26 user1Fixed up initial state again to make motor run.
2013-08-26 user1Fixed up global mode state code
2013-08-26 user1Set up PWM state machine better
2013-08-26 user1Optimised phase map code to be symmetric and lean on CPU
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