2016-07-09 GrahamFalse octal error fixed master
2015-10-04 GrahamFixed bug
2015-08-15 GrahamAdding batch job editor
2015-08-13 GrahamUpdating to current
2015-05-20 GrahamSome package refinements
2015-05-20 GrahamAdding package build script
2015-05-20 GrahamUpdating commit script
2015-05-20 Grahamreorganising folders for package
2015-05-19 GrahamMinor GUI change
2015-05-19 GrahamFixed up running batches from GUI. Also tested nested...
2015-05-19 GrahamFixed up displaying batches
2015-05-19 GrahamOrganise commit files
2015-05-19 GrahamRefactor
2015-05-19 GrahamRefactor
2015-05-18 GrahamRemoved database from git index
2015-05-18 GrahamAdded batches to run batches, but no interface yet...
2015-05-18 GrahamBatch stuff works now. Just need batches to run batches.
2015-05-17 GrahamFixed up batch stuff
2015-05-14 GrahamAdded basic results mailing. Also started batch stuff
2015-05-14 GrahamMinor fix on display
2015-05-14 GrahamAdded a remove for events
2015-05-14 GrahamUpdated commit script to use wildcards
2015-05-14 GrahamSplit css and js. Added basic scheduler. Tested and...
2015-05-14 GrahamAdding stub cron stuff (again)
2015-05-14 GrahamAdding stub cron stuff
2015-05-13 GrahamFixing up add/delete jobs a bit
2015-05-13 GrahamUpdating commit script
2015-05-13 GrahamAdding database and fleshing out job running code
2015-05-13 GrahamStarted job table
2015-05-13 GrahamAdding git script helper
2015-05-13 Grahamfirst commit