2017-08-29 GrahamAdded run recipe master
2014-01-04 user1Added a rather crap way of stopping PWMs origin/master
2014-01-04 user1Refactor mainly to remove dead code
2014-01-04 user1Revised prescaler notes and set PWM frequency to 122Hz...
2014-01-04 user1Revised terminal display of ADCs
2014-01-04 user1Moving timers to include multiple PWMs.
2014-01-04 user1Added PWM header to make timer setup more obvious
2013-11-14 user1Fixed PWM output to be low for low ADC (reversed)
2013-11-14 grahamAdded all channels output to GUI
2013-11-12 grahamFixed up interaction with PC Open GL app
2013-11-12 grahamRefactor
2013-11-12 grahamAdded experimental code to test the hall current sensor
2013-11-12 user1Fixed UART output pre-emption
2013-11-12 user1Fixed output to show all set ADCs
2013-11-12 user1Fixed ADC code to read all ADCs
2013-11-12 user1PWM output initialisers
2013-11-12 user1Fixed Pre-emptive UART control
2013-11-12 user1Added experimental ADC code
2013-11-12 user1Updated ADC code to remove mark/space BLDC code
2013-11-12 user1Pulled out ADC Smoother
2013-11-11 user1Added new experimental PWM code
2013-11-11 user1Disabled Some legacy PWM code which needs fixing up
2013-11-11 user1Removed legacy PWM code
2013-11-11 user1whitespace
2013-11-11 user1Moved stats output timing to TIMER0
2013-11-11 user1Tidied up and refactored to prepare a bit for better...
2013-11-11 user1Added ratios to output
2013-11-11 user1Fixed Run/Stop
2013-11-11 user1Fixed up more code to remove BLDC stuff
2013-11-11 user1Re-added PWM algorithm
2013-11-11 user1RE-added counts in output
2013-11-11 user1Reset tick period to 20uS
2013-11-11 user1Added 'H' and 'h' as help keys
2013-11-11 user1Fixed Start/Stop to feedback result to main module
2013-11-11 user1Stripped out BLDC code to prepare for PWM
2013-11-11 user1Updated UART module for my coding template
2013-11-11 user1First Commit (from BLDC Controller Project)