description3-phase controller
last changeTue, 28 Jan 2014 21:57:37 +0000 (21:57 +0000)
2014-01-28 GrahamRemoved some obsolete debug code master origin/HEAD origin/master
2014-01-28 grahamExperimenting to find the gremlin in the SVM tick code.
2014-01-28 grahamAdded constant for "cancelling" bitshift factor
2014-01-28 grahamFixed up some debugging switches
2014-01-28 grahamRemoved zero initialisers and set some locals register
2014-01-27 user1Added experimental 500mS statistic updates
2014-01-27 user1Shifted to ADC0
2014-01-27 grahamCleared out SENSORTESTING, WAVEFORMTESTING and TIMETRIA...
2014-01-27 grahamExperimenting to solve ShaftMoveTick problem
2014-01-27 grahamRevised FLYWHEELANALYSIS statistics collection
2014-01-27 grahamRefactored globals
2014-01-27 grahamSet to 1 ADC, Added CPU "idle" ticker, set to 4mS tick...
2014-01-26 GrahamAngularVelocity refactored to a fraction struct
2014-01-25 GrahamAdded FlywheelTimerRecord and experimental code
2014-01-25 GrahamAdded array based field offset, fixed tick counter...
2014-01-25 GrahamChanged some shared variables to volatile and some...
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